About the WISE Women’s Business Center

News flash! Women are starting more new businesses than at any other time in history! And YOU could join them! The WISE Women’s Business Center is the place to begin. We help you with one-on-one business counseling, training, workshops, and mentorship if you are looking to start and grow a business. Our staff and our certified business counselors are ready to help you design your business plan for success. Call us for an appointment or just to talk out some ideas.

We are entrepreneurs*! We love entrepreneurs!

-Joanne Lenweaver, Director

5 Responses to About the WISE Women’s Business Center

  1. dimitri says:

    how much does your counseling package cost

  2. Johnd368 says:

    I am impressed with this website, rattling I am a big fan. gdfdeedacbga

  3. WomensNet says:

    Hi Joanne,

    First off i’d like to say: “Hey, Neighbor!” (WomensNet is located in Rochester, NY.) I was looking for new resources to connect with my site when i came across yours. I noticed that your blog is filled with lots of insight and knowledge but you also have a Business Center. Is there a specific website link for that Business Center?

    • wisesyracuse says:

      Hi Neighbor! Great to hear from you! You can find additional details about the WISE Women’s Business Center online at http://wisecenter.org/the-center/ and please feel free to email me directly to connect, jmlenwea@syr.edu. We also have a large women’s entrepreneurship conference, the WISE Symposium, being held in Syracuse on April 21st. We’d love to invite women entrepreneurs and business leaders from your networking & community to join us for this inspirational event featuring a business expo, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and lots of networking! We’ll also try to email you to connect and learn more about your programming and if we can collaborate even more!

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