Marketing Yourself as an Intrapreneur: Embracing Qualities of Entrepreneurs is Key

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are not so different. Sure, an entrepreneur may be bootstrapping and working in a solo capacity and an intrapreneur may have the resources of a larger firm. But one thing remains the same for each type of individual: the passion and drive to innovate and take risks. If you have the qualities of an entrepreneur but are waiting for the right idea or the right time, perhaps you’d best be fit for a position as an intrapreneur—using your passion to find opportunities for a company or small business.


Katelyn Oster is a writer and entrepreneur with startup experience in manufacturing, distribution, management, sales and operations. The following are tips on how to market yourself as an intrapreneur (note: entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike, take notice!)

Don’t be shy: If you’re a hard worker who has a steadfast drive and you treat your company with respect, you’re an intrapreneur. Taking risks and being innovative are other qualities of intrapreneurs. It’s OK to label yourself as such, but be sure to be confident, not cocky. Prove yourself each and every day!

Be helpful, not pushy: If you see an inefficacy, try to approach it by being helpful, not authoritative or imposing. It’s important to treat others with respect, and the overall goal for an intrapreneur is to support the business owner/leader, not take over command.

Recognize responsibility: As an intrapreneur, you have a great opportunity to make a lasting impact on the company’s success. Showcase your skills and own that you are an asset, not just another number in a long list of employees. Work towards greatness each day. This could include getting involved with company events, sharing social media posts from the company, or talking about your company with friends and family over the dinner table.

Do you qualify as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur? Do you identify with the qualities discussed above? How do you define Intrapreneurship?

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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