Tweet Your Way to the Top at an Event

At events such as conferences and tradeshows, there is never a shortage of people to meet, vendors to visit and sessions to learn from. The amount of information shared/presented can be overwhelming at times! One of the greatest benefits of social media sites like Twitter is the opportunity to easily sift through information. By following conference participants/speakers and using the event hashtag, you can stay in the conversation and find out the really cool things happening on site.


Trace Cohen, serial entrepreneur and president and co-founder of, a self-publishing platform for PR professionals, agencies and brands to launch and socialize everything new, shares simple ways to join the conversation on Twitter at an event to help grow your social network.

Keep it relevant: If you’re new to the world of tweeting, start off by introducing yourself and use the hashtag for the event. That way, people will know who you are and what you do. While at the event itself, tweet relevant information that is related to the topic(s) being covered, speakers in attendance or vendors and products showcased on site.

Tweet pictures: If you’re at a tradeshow, walk around the floor and tweet photos of some of the cool products and services that are being showcased. Come across a really interactive/cool booth? It’s worth a tweet!

Share interesting facts: Most speakers have relevant information to share with event attendees, and the purpose of attending is to learn something new. Take a few moments to share that cool factoid with your network by tweeting it out! Get even more exposure by using the event hashtag (and tag the speaker, when possible!)

Retweet: People retweet for many reasons—to share something interesting, to show support/endorsement, and to support an industry. Follow some new companies/individuals and retweet things that you support. You’ll be contributing to the conversation while supporting a fellow industry member or business!

How do you prefer to engage with attendees, speakers and exhibitors? Do you join the conversation through Twitter at events?

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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