Best Practices to Boost Success in Life and Business

Everyone defines success differently. For some it might be about purchasing a new car or taking a trip to an exotic location. For others it might mean providing for one’s family. It is important to define what success means for you. What makes you happy in your personal and professional life?


Stephen Key is an inventor, author, speaker and co-founder of InventRight, LLC, a Glenbrook, Nev.-based company that educates entrepreneurs in how to bring ideas to market talks about what actions have led him to be the most happy in his personal and professional life. The following are some of his ‘best practices’ for being a successful person.

Seek out new experiences: Being in your comfort zone is the easiest. But if that is all that you do, you won’t grow much as a person. Exposure to different perspectives, new experiences, lifestyles and people helps you to become more flexible about evolving your thought process. Seeking out new experiences means you’re willing to challenge yourself and keep learning about the world around you—these are two keys to success.

Abandon your expectations: Having expectations tends to lead to disappointment. Instead, try walking into an unfamiliar situation with an open mind. If you don’t have any assumptions, you won’t be let down. Amazing things can happen when you open yourself up to possibility.

Treat everyone you meet with respect: Everyone has something to offer—don’t miss out and lose an opportunity. You may be surprised at how willing people are to support you just on the basis of how you treat them. And we will all need help at some point. Treat people with respect and you will grow your network, learn new things and get the support you need.

Give back: There are so many ways to give back, whether it’s financial support to a charity or cause you believe in, or lending your talents in a different way. Helping others can help you a better and more attentive listener.

Celebrate milestones, large and small: Don’t keep waiting to celebrate that one elusive goal. Instead, celebrate and appreciate those smaller, yet significant, accomplishments that happen all along. Welcome others, such as friends, family, and stakeholders, to help you celebrate these milestones.

Let go of the past: Taking risks in business inevitably lead to mistakes at some point. Rather than holding that over your head as a negative, instead realize and acknowledge what went wrong. Hopefully you won’t make that same mistake moving forward. In essence, mistakes form the path to success. You will learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.

Share your views on how you define success and work to achieve it!

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