Content Pieces You Can Create in 5 Minutes Or Less


Producing content can be a time-consuming task. When pressed for time, it can be very difficult to commit to posting lengthy content pieces through your social media outlets. Eric Siu is the CEO of San Francisco-based digital marketing agency Single Grain and compiled the following list of amazing ideas to churn out content pieces when you are crunched for time.

Answer a question in a video: With the advent of smartphones, you don’t need an expensive gadget to create a video. A post can be as simple as recording a video from your phone, editing and uploading all on the same device. You can answer a commonly-asked question about your company’s product or service and record yourself answering it. Don’t try to over produce it by trying to make it perfect. Followers may connect with you better with this type of “off-the-cuff” footage. You can then put the video’s embed code into a blog post, add a quick paragraph describing the topic at hand, and you have a new blog post ready with just a few minutes of work.

Share an album of photos: Pictures can be a very easy way to get your content up and running. You can create a photo series on a number of topics, including “behind the scene” shots, images of products being used, or sneak peeks of upcoming releases. You might not be an experienced photographer, but you can still create quick content pieces by posting images around a central theme or encouraging customers to share their own pictures of products or services at work.

Reflect on a quote: People love posting and sharing inspirational quotes. You can create a blog post using quotes that reflect your favorite sayings. Be sure to choose a quote that is particularly meaningful for you. Write a few sentences reflecting on it, or create a video of your thoughts. Your reflections don’t need to be long—but they should give your readers something to think about and apply to their own lives.

Round up your favorite links: If you share interesting industry links through social media, you will have a lot of content ideas. You can track the effectiveness of sharing links with social media monitoring tools.  At the start of each week, log into the area of your monitoring tool that reports analytics on your past posts and select the five to 20 links that received the most engagement on your social profiles. Compile these into a “weekly link round-up” post to share on your website. It only takes a few minutes!

Update a past post: One easy option is to update an old blog post and re-release it on your website. Add some new insights, any updated details on the subject matter, and re-post it.

These are a few shortcuts that could be helpful to develop meaningful content in a short amount of time. What do you post when pressed for time? What types of content do you find most effective?

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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