Improving Your Memory (Hint: It’s Also Good for Business!)

Entrepreneurs and anyone involved in business (no matter what size the company) knows that it’s important to retain information—the name of the person you met at yesterday’s networking event, the prices your competitor is setting, the location of your next meeting. It’s important to not only gather information, it’s even more important to retain information—especially the important details.


According to Kevin Daum, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur and author of Video Marketing for Dummies and ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle, memory is a key part of day-to-day life (and extremely important in business). He did some research and compiled a to-do list to follow as you work hard to retain important details and improve your memory in a fast-paced, information-overload world.

Create a Routine (and stick to it)

Kevin tends to put his keys in the same place when he comes home every day. Why? So he knows exactly where to find them. If he mistakenly leaves them in an unfamiliar place, he spends his valuable time looking for something that could have been found immediately by following his usual routine. Utilize that mentality in business, too—file documents and records in specific folders so that you can easily find them later. File papers and receipts from the same project all together. This will help you to remember where you keep things in the long run, thus saving you time (and frustration).

Write Things Down (with a pen, not a smartphone)

Although it’s great to have a traveling calendar and notepad in our smartphones, it also makes it easy for us to forget things the second we type it and close out of the app. If you forget to set a reminder, you may not remember the task or action item at all. Although it sounds archaic, physically writing something down helps you to recover that information at a later time.

Eat Right (and exercise, too)

Foods high in vitamins and special antioxidants can help to improve memory. Adding items like green tea, blueberries, salmon, broccoli and dark chocolate can help you to retain information and improve memory. Getting plenty of exercise also helps to get your blood pumping harder—which actually makes your brain work harder (and better).

There are other techniques you can incorporate into your day to help further improve your memory, such as getting more sleep, creating stories, being creative and paying attention. Try to mix some of these items into your daily routine and see if you begin to retain information better than before!

What method helps you to retain important the most?

To read more about how to improve your memory, please visit the following:

Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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