Content Marketing: Providing Content That People Actually (Want to) Read

For most businesses, marketing is a key component to success. Getting noticed by current and potential customers is important to building a brand or business. With all of the technology and social media networks, it’s easy for a business to start talking itself up. However, it’s important to engage in this interaction by offering meaningful content across many different platforms. The days of costly TV and radio advertising are dwindling—people want meaningful content presented in a format that is easy to understand.

content-marketing2Referred to as content marketing, it is when businesses present information such as blogs, photos and videos that are interesting and engaging.

Get ready…

Knowing your audience is one of the first steps on your journey to create engaging content online. Monitor your posts—note important keywords and topics that generate the most traffic (and that of your competitors). Use that information to create content and generate more followers. If your audience can connect with the content you share, you continue to build the relationship.

Get set…

Every good entrepreneur and marketer has a plan of sorts. Having a plan allows you to examine what the customer needs are and how to meet them. For content marketing, it’s also important to create a plan. Develop a list of trending topics and be sure that you have a wide variety of ways to share it—you can do this by selecting articles, videos and other relatable content to mix in the conversation.

Take action!

Once you have selected topics to talk about, it’s time to start posting. Don’t get too eager and post everything at once—stagger content and respond to feedback from followers. This will help people to see that you’re more than just presenting information, you’re actually listening. Meet the audience needs and offering interesting, unique content that allows them to engage and interact with your brand/business.

It’s also important to monitor content in real-time, which allows you to interact with your audience and to provide additional feedback and information when necessary.

How do you engage clients with fresh, quality content? What are some of the ways that sharing content is most effective for your business (blogs, social media, e-newsletters)?

To read more about including quality content in your marketing materials and social media, please visit the following:

Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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