Weekly To-Do List for Entrepreneurs

The day-to-day life of an entrepreneur is anything but boring—especially in the start-up phase. In many cases, entrepreneurs are doing a little bit of everything—managing the operations, handling the marketing, networking at events, pitching and finalizing sales, keeping the books… the list could go on! In order to stay organized and focused, it’s helpful for an entrepreneur to have a weekly checklist of “to do’s” and accomplishments. Setting goals and measuring success weekly can help entrepreneurs to manage their own progress and to move forward from week to week.The questionnaire

Forbes contributor (and entrepreneur) Millie Tadewaldt compiled a list of weekly must-do’s for entrepreneurs, noting the importance of running the business one week at a time (rather than continuously focusing on long-term goals and projections).

Weekly must-do checklist

The following are some things that an entrepreneur or new business owner can do weekly to ensure that goals are being met and that the business is moving forward and innovating:

  • Keep tabs on important metrics: determine what metrics are important to your business (sales, margins, new/repeat clients, inventory, etc.) and monitor them; this will allow a business to know where strengths/weaknesses occur and can deal with serious issues before they happen
  • Look at the big picture: while a business most likely has a plan and yearly goals, it’s important to regularly think about where you want to be (the next quarter, six months down the road, one year out, etc.) and to continue to be strategic about how to get there
  • Give praise: when a team member makes a big sale or your business just made a strategic partnership, it’s important not only to recognize those significant accomplishments, but to praise team members for a job well done; encouragement goes a long way—especially in a new venture
  • Walk the walk: as an entrepreneurial leader, it’s important to set an example and show your team—and your  clients—who you are (be energetic, innovative and strategic and your example will inspire others to follow in your footsteps)

Other must-do items include keeping an open mind (and door), trying a tangent, and maintaining an entrepreneurial spark within your business (and yourself!)

Do you weekly think about/do any of the items on the aforementioned list? What tasks do you complete on a weekly basis that is key to your success?

To read in-depth about the weekly to-do items that are helpful for entrepreneurs, please visit the following:


Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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