Using Infographics to Tell Your Story


Graphical representation of complex data enables individuals to understand and grasp information easily. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, a common way to use graphics to your advantage is by creating an infographic that you can e-mail, post on social media and in print to highlight certain aspects of your business. An infographic is an image that contains graphics and text, noting key statistics. This makes it easy for people to process the information presented and work well in getting the message out in a world where people rely less and less on text and print items.

An infographic provides a platform that helps individuals analyze patterns and trends. This is useful for business owners, as they may not have expertise to in all the fields of management. The following are some websites that help business owners organize complex data in a visually appealing manner—with needing expensive software or hiring a designer!

This resource allows you to feed in your data in preset boxes. It allows you to add/delete the information and provides the flexibility of selecting from wide variety of options such as graphics, photos and videos. The finished infographic can be immediately uploaded to popular social media sites.


This site helps you create presentations to engage your web audience. It allows you to combine themes, shapes, icons, vectors, and text, upload images, and create the story you want. In total, it offers eight types of visualizations.

This app provides you with a wide variety of options templates that the site provides. You can choose from a blank canvas to one of 12 blank templates that are available at no cost. You can add, remove or replace objects as needed and have the ability to choose from different categories such as people, icons, arrows, connector shapes and more.

Many of the infographic assistance sites offer paid upgrades for custom-designed work in addition to offering a big selection of free templates and grids. The iPhone and iPad have made themselves compatible with the infographic apps. However, since this app is comparatively new in the market, there are not many options available.

To read the original article about these free creative tools, visit:

For more information about the elements of an infographic and steps to creating one, visit:

Do you like infographics? How could it help you to show potential clients/consumers a little bit more about your business?

Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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