The In’s and Out’s of a Viral Marketing Campaign

At some point, we’ve all been subjected to the
latest YouTube sensation (think back to ‘David Goes to Dentist’ or ‘The Landlord’) and have maybe even shared a link to these crowd favorites with our friends, family or colleagues. This ‘act of sharing’ makes a campaign poised to go viral. A viral marketing campaign is something that gains traction quickly and is shared and viewed many times in a short amount of time. Typically, it’s not an integrated part of a marketing plan, but it can gain a significant amount of awareness of your company, product,
or service if it does gain some traction.

While you can’t film the next internet sensation on the spot, there are ways you can help a marketing campaign to go viral. The goal is to provide maximum brand impact in minimal time. The following are some strategies to help you launch a successful viral marketing campaign, as compiled from articles from small business/marketing experts writing for,, and

Keep it simple: Most of the viral videos that people tend to share are very simple by nature; featuring easy-to-understand, unique content that can easily be shared

Make it relevant: A lot of viral content tends to be about relevant issues, whether it be a business, political, or socially-related topic; relevance of the viral marketing content can have a direct correlation with how current the content is; find the emerging trend and release content in a timely manner

Ability to optimize: Make it easy for your audience not only to view your content, but to share it with their social networks; include links to all social media sites, use hash tags to foster conversation, and make it easy for viewers to post comments about the content and contribute to the dialogue

Be absurd: If you think about the memorable viral marketing campaigns out there, chances are that they tend to be really absurd, featuring unique characters; having a wacky, memorable theme or character can help people to remember your content, which can in turn help increase brand awareness

Don’t focus on your product: while traditional advertising tends to highlight the superiority of a brand’s product/service, the audience of a viral video doesn’t want an infomercial about products or services; an audience wants to be entertained  and find value in your message; ultimately, they will want to share that message with others

Remember that small businesses will have results on a much smaller scale than a large corporation — you don’t need thousands of views/hits to make a big impact. Be sure that your content is relevant, current and offers an element that people will want to watch and share with others.

Read more tips on how to launch a viral marketing campaign at:




Have you tried a viral marketing campaign in your business? If so, was it successful? How did you captivate your audience and offer value in your content?

Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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1 Response to The In’s and Out’s of a Viral Marketing Campaign

  1. To go viral, it definitely seems to have to be absurd. Even the commercials I tend to remember the most are very odd–like about cavemen or screaming pigs. While it did take me a while to associate a brand with this marketing strategy, it also in a way created a new brand for this company.

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