Increase Your Productivity & Eliminate Distractions!

With access to countless websites and social
media at our desks and on our phones, it can be tough for entrepreneurs and employees to stay focused and be productive. A dynamic, focused working environment is one of the bases to any successful business. If you, a co-worker or an employee gets sidetracked from important tasks on a regular basis, it can lead to mistakes for the business. Fortunately, with all of the great technology and resources available for small businesses, there are also many tools that can help keep us focused and streamline efficiency during the workday.

Productivity and focus go hand in hand when it comes to business. Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media shares her top tips on increasing productivity and finding focus in the workplace. Matthew Toren, co-founder of, offers easy ways to avoid distractions before they can happen! The following is a compilation of ways to help you (or your staff) to stay productive and focused on a project:

Use cloud-based storage: Web-based cloud storage systems (think Dropbox and Google’s cloud, GDrive) make it easy to store and share information; working groups can view and modify documents in real time, which helps foster business relationships and eliminates the need for many meetings to discuss ideas and share information; cloud-based storage also help to eliminate the time-consuming process of backing up computer files, as your documents will be accessible from any computer, rather than just your hard drive

Simplify social media: A few years ago, social media was an add-on to your marketing portfolio; today, it is a must-have and small businesses are no exception; try using a program where you can schedule posts (like HootSuite; Facebook has recently added a scheduling option for posts, too); if you have a blog, be sure to link it to your social media so that when you post something, it automatically posts to your pages

E-mail etiquette: One of the biggest distractions throughout the workday is e-mail; because you can see the notification of a new message pop up, there is a tendency to divert from what you were working on to check the message; try checking your email for an hour or two each day to help stay on track; with the amount of e-mails we receive, it’s also important to be concise and clear when sending messages; re-route personal messages (weekly newsletters, deals, etc.) to your personal e-mail account to cut down on time spent looking at non-work related items

Make a list: Making a list may sound like it could actually waste time, but if you make a list and post it right up on your monitor or in your planner, it can help you to stay focused and know specifically what tasks need to be accomplished that day; setting notifications on your calendar also helps you to remember to complete tasks and can help to keep you focused

Shut your door: Especially true in the startup phase, it’s tough to close your door; of course we all want want to be accessible to our colleagues, but sometimes the best way to get started is to eliminate interruptions first — shutting your door for a few hours can alleviate unscheduled visitors and distractions

A workplace can get busy, with phones ringing and conversations going on around you — and solo entrepreneurs that work from home may be subject to even more of a distraction than in a noisy office! Discovering what helps to keep you on track (whether it’s your calendar reminders, shutting the office door, or taking a break from email) will help your business to grow and thrive.

To learn more about the art of concentration and increasing productivity, read the complete articles online: and

What are your favorite ways to stay focused? How do you alleviate distractions? Share your tips and tricks for maximum productivity with minimum interruptions!

Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

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