How to use Twitter for Business

Twitter LogoHello WISE Readers! We hope you are having a great day.

Today, we will be adding a new article to our little “free technology” series. In the past weeks, we covered how blogs and YouTube videos could add value to small businesses. Today, let’s talk about a big one: Twitter.

In the current evolution of media, Twitter is definitely establishing itself as the quickest way to share information. Businesses use it to communicate with followers, announce new product releases, special events and respond to inquiries. In this post, we will go through a few things small businesses can do on Twitter to increase their visibility and truly connect with their audience. (We will assume that you already use Twitter and are familiar with terms such as handle, hashtag or trending.)

1: Make your page speak.

Your page has to look professional and reflect what your business is about. Make sure to choose an appropriate background and color scheme. You may also elect to have your company logo as profile picture. It may also be good to stay consistent across all your social media channels.

2: Sit back and observe.

Just like on YouTube, it is a good idea to take some time to observe your competitors and potential consumers. Follow people who are in the same industry; try to see what they tweet about, and how well it is received. Pay attention to people who would be your ideal consumers; try to see what they tweet; understand their lifestyle and how they relate to products similar to yours. Understand the way your company could bring them value. is a good place to start looking for keywords related to your business.

3: Find your own voice.

You need to have a voice consistent with the image of your business. Do you have a “serious” work culture, or are you more laid back? Adapt your tweets to your company so your consumers are not thrown off. Be consistent, genuine, likeable and also make it a habit to post more than text. Like we saw in out last post, consumers react better to pictures and videos than they do to links! This also increase the “share-ability” potential of your tweet (people are more likely to circulate a interactive material like photos or videos.)

4: Create incentives.

You can get followers to tweet about your business by offering relevant rewards. For example, you could ask them to re-tweet your offers, take pictures of their latest purchases or write haikus about your services- just make sure the assignments are fun and simple to do. This could help you get the word out and reward loyal consumers at the same time.

5: Promote @yourself.

When you tweet, make sure to use #hashtags about your topic so you can appear in searches. If you have some wiggle room in your marketing budget, you may elect to pay for Promoted Tweets (like you would pay for Google Results.) They can help you magnify your reach because more users may be aware of your page. Also, make sure to include your Twitter handle on all promotion merchandise or outlets: business cards, gifts, storefront, etc.

6: Listen to your followers 🙂

Social media followers are like a massive online focus group. You may be able to ask them for their opinions about a new item or service, or just consult them to see how you are doing on your current offerings. Make sure to be timely and to always reply to their tweets. Reward faithful followers by featuring them, offering then exclusive rewards or re-tweeting what they say about the company. In one word, be connected.

7: Integrate with your other social media platforms

Make sure you link all your social media platforms together so people can follow you everywhere. Have a visible Twitter button on your website and blogs, have your Twitter information of your Facebook, and vice-versa. In one word, make sure people have your information everywhere.

 Twitter for Business is an excellent resource to start learning about Twitter. As usual, the tips above are just a few things to get your started; you can tailor them to your unique situation or even create rules of your own!

We also want to hear fro you: how do you use Twitter for your business? Please post a comment below! Also, make sure to follow this blog not to miss any of our upcoming posts.

Have a nice day, and until next week, stay WISE!


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