Free Management Advice from the Big Shots (and you don’t even have to buy their books).

There are actually great things about failure: you learn a lot in the process… so much that you may actually be able to help other people. Hence, every year, a multitude of “How To” manuals keep surfacing, in the aim to share (and, um, monetize) tips and tricks on how to achieve almost anything: awesome career, stellar weight loss, killer relationships… you name it. contributor Carol Tice explores a few of those books, and unveils some interesting management tips from the most famous names in business.

P&G: When Core Values are Strategic, from Rick Tocquigny:

Apple: Inside Apple, by Adam Lashinsky

  • Have someone accountable for every single task.
  • Do not be scared of letting people confront each other and defend their own ideas
  • Have a secrecy culture that builds up excitement

Gilt: By Invitation Only, by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

  • Build a real relationship with the members of your management team.
  • The execution of your idea may be more important than the idea itself.

These tips may seem trivial, but overlooking even the simplest things can break a venture.

For more advice from business giants, please read the whole article at:

Also, please tell us about what YOU think: do the tips above hold true? What is YOUR main business struggle, or unique advice to get on the road to success? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading, and until next week, stay WISE!


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