Branding Asks the Question: Merge Personal with Business?

When we think of branding, we see images of company logos, hear slogans and catchphrases and envision the perfect website that shows customers what your product/service is and how they can get it. Easily.

But lately, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders have wondered if perhaps there is an advantage to merging a personal with a business/company brand. Meaning that you use your personal networking tools and overlap them with your business networking tools. When you’re branding on a small (or non-existent) budget, it could possibily be beneficial to cross-post through networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Solo entrepreneurs ARE their brand, so in that sense it would be relevant to merge your personal and business brand.

See for more tips to branding on a budget and the pro’s and con’s of merging business and personal… brand, that is! More at:

Do you think ‘combining’ personal and company branding is a smart move? What about for a solo entrepreneur versus a corporate leader?

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