Forces Driving Change in 2011

Since the financial crisis laid waste to business as usual, the world is brimming with potential. The economic future will be populated by the movers and shakers, who even now are poised for greatness, so for anyone in need of a little innovation inspiration, Jennifer Wang and Kara Ohngren of have rounded up trends to watch for in 2011.   From crowdsourced shopping to mancessories to new ways to get green, take a look at the trends that will define opportunity this year.

  1. Baby Boomers – They age.  Opportunities Boom.
  2.  Get Packing – Travel and tourism take off.
  3. Social Shopping – Click. Chat. Buy.
  4. Home Sweet Home – Repairs to renovation, wallets open.
  5. Vital Signs – Healthcare’s new life.
  6. Mancessories – The age of man.
  7. Micro Green – Energy efficient goes small.
  8. Great expectations – Craving affordable luxuries.
  9. Let’s get physical – Fitness flexes market muscle

For more details on these trends, please follow the link below:

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